DeAnna Freeman


Saturday, April 22 (9 a.m. - 11 a.m.) - 2 Hours

India's Influence

Megha and Devyani Dance Company were greatly influenced by the culture, dances, art, and religions of India. This inspiration can be seen and felt in the Extended Puja as well as steps like Resham-ka, WaterPot and Sunanda. In this workshop, you’ll learn the origins of these steps and how the technique was adapted to fit within the structure and aesthetic of FCBD®Style. Devyani’s favorite music and drills will bring the experience to life and help you tune into the feel and detailed technique of these more challenging steps. We’ll end class planning and performing a set that captures the essence of Devyani and Megha’s influence in FCBD®Style.

Workshop is applicable for all dance levels.

Saturday, April 22 (2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.) - 2 Hours

Devyani Dialect – Exhilarating Variations and Why They Work

Volume 9 – Anatomy of a Step was a chance to showcase step variations that Devyani had developed for stage. These variations quickly became favorites for FCBD®Style improvisation. In this workshop, you’ll hear the stories and learn some of the exciting, advanced combinations like the Choo Choo Arc Arm Trio Combination, Four Corners Circle Combination, Forward and Back Quarter Turn Fade and the Alabama Twister! If time allows, we’ll also look at the ever elusive Doubleback from Volume 7.

Workshop is applicable for all dance levels.

Sunday, August 14 (9:30 - 11:30 a.m.) - 2 Hours

Devyani Duets – Playful and Dynamic

It’s no secret that the members of Devyani Dance Company had a powerful connection. This led to a variety of unique and dynamic duet combinations. In this workshop we’ll look at some of the advanced level duet combinations that made it into Volume 9 – Anatomy of a Step, including tricky transitions, subtle cues and the playful interaction it takes to pull these off without missing a beat! Combinations covered include: Forward and Back (Turkish) Shimmy Duet Combination, Sunanda Duet Combination, Rhythmic Undulation (Arabic) Shimmy with Arms and Turn (ASWAAT) Duet Combination.

Workshop is applicable for all dance levels.

Moria Chappell


Dance Intensive - 3 Days, 11 Hours Total

Wednesday, August 10 (4:30 - 6:30p.m.) - 2 hours

“Footprints in Sand”

The journey begins with a PowerPoint presentation called Footprints in Spice.
Before the famed Silk Route, there was the ancient Spice Route linking the first civilizations of the globe through trade. Each began as a goddess-worshipping civilization with dance as an offering in ritual, celebration, and cultural exchange.

It traces what we now call Bellydance back to before the Greek and Roman Empire to the Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, and Yellow River Valley civilizations of modern day Iran, India, and China that traded via boat routes in 3,000 bc….

We follow the temple architecture, spices and incense, religious and spiritual iconography and statues, and modern day use and philosophy surrounding temple dances to see the themes and movement patterns that have remained even until today….

Wednesday, August 10 (7 - 9p.m.) - 2 hours

“Architypes in Dance”

"Architypes in Dance" is an interactive workshop and PowerPoint presentation that explores the Great Mother Archetype and demonstrates how she uses her mercurial partner-in-crime, Trickster, to form this world.

You will learn why image is everything, and how once activated, these archetypes enhance your creativity, choreography, costuming, and your ability to bridge the gap between you and your audience.

By learning the secret of how archetypes rise from inside your body and transmit themselves non-verbally, you will also learn how to make an audience automatically feel every chill and thrill activated by you.

Presented in a forum that combines discussion with movement, Archetypes in the Dancer offers various ways to explore the psyche in order to create a more powerful stage presence and receive a stronger emotional reaction from your audience.

Thursday, August 11 (4:30 - 6:30p.m.) - 2 hours

“Chakra Dance ”

"Chakra Dance" is a choreography telling the stories of the Chakra as energy centers in the body that were part of the temple ideology of a wholistic approach to body health and body energy as temple pattern. Based on Hindu mythology and yogic study chakras describe the seven energy centers within the body that can be stimulated via specific physical movements.

Presented in a forum that combines discussion with movement, Archetypes in the Dancer offers various ways to explore the psyche in order to create a more powerful stage presence and receive a stronger emotional reaction from your audience.

Thursday, August 11 (7 - 9p.m.) - 2 hours

“Sacred Geometry ”

The next workshop is then "Sacred Geometry" where we trace the specific shapes and forms used to describe the chakras, the temples, the "seed" movements of dance from around the Mediterranean cultures (N Africa, Spain, the Balkans, Arab, and even Southern Europe).

To begin pulling it together, she would teach a fusion choreography to demonstrate HOW one can go about fusing these various styles in a way that makes sense and honors their original connections thousands of years ago.

Friday, August 12 (4:30 - 6:30p.m.) - 2 hours

“Costume Cafe - Head-to-Toe”

In this 3 hour workshop, complete the themes and understand how to outfit such fusions in a way that pays homage to their common ancestry through exploration of costuming, makeup, and headdress creation.

Weekend Workshops

Saturday, August 13 (9 a.m. - 11 a.m.) - 2 Hours


ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE offers the dancer a methodology for integrating this rapidly growing art form into her belly dance performances.

As harbinger of this specific style of fusion, Moria was the first to bring these two styles of movement together, and now instructs dancers in the way she learned, created, and now performs this unique combination of esthetics.

Passed from Guru to student for thousands of years, Odissi Indian Temple dance is one of the oldest classical dance forms on Earth.

Moria spends time annually in Orissa (the homeland of Odissi) intensively studying and performing this exquisite dance, as well as researching and learning weekly from her Indian-born guru in America, Ratna Roy, who was a pupil of the last living Mahari (sacred temple dancer).

Moria's Odissi temple dance fusion workshop is designed for you to learn Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises and how they can be applied to your Tribal Fusion belly dance performances and practice.

In ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE you will learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, sacred geometry, and mudras of this ancient devotional dance and how these profound elements can be applied to modern music and movement.

Saturday, August 13 (2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.) - 2 Hours

Javanese Fusion

In JAVANESE FUSION you will learn these movements as an emotional, spiritual, and physical expression derived from ancient “ancestral treasures” and come to understand that by learning these elegant gestures and poses, a certain numinous quality comes with them.

Super Beth


Saturday, August 13 (11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.) - 1 Hours

Swimming with the Fish!

Traveling and movement on the stage is part of any solid performance. In this workshop, Super Beth will drill fluid fades and crafty circle up techniques to have your troupe swimming across the stage. Experience the joy of connecting with your fellow dancers while creating depth for your audience.

Workshop is applicable for all dance levels.

Sunday, August 14 (9:30 - 11:30 a.m.) - 2 Hours

Dancing with Skirts - Prop Work

Add a bit of flash and sass to your dance set with skirt work! Using existing ATS® movements and concepts, Tamarind will teach you how to move beautifully with a skirt while staying true to the FCBD® ATS® posture and vocabulary. Topics include tucking, picking up and holding the skirt in a graceful manner, and using the skirt to frame and enhance your movements. We will then lead you through the ATS® steps that work best with a skirt, and allow you to drill them alone and in groups.

Accessories: You will need a 25 yard skirt, cotton is best.

Workshop is applicable for all dance levels.

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