Travel Logistics


There are several hotels in and around the area. Below are a list of several nearby. Hotels located closer to the airport are cheaper.


Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Milwaukee

Located immediately across the street from Next Act Theatre (brisk walking distance). This hotel is perfect for those individuals who want to avoid extensive travel.

Pfister Hotel

Located walking distance from Next Act Theatre (brisk walking distance). This is an upscale hotel.

Residence Inn

Located a few blocks from Next Act Theatre (brisk walking distance). This hotel specializes in providing extra amenities such as a kitchen to cook your own meals.



There are several food options in Milwaukee for almost any palette.

**Please note, several of the downtown restaurants are closed on Sundays.

Milwaukee Public Market

All around versatile place with several food options within walking distance of Next Act Theatre.


Right next to the studio, this is the best Mexican food in Milwaukee!


Just a few doors down from Sake Tumi, this restaurant specializes in Cuban food.



Milwaukee is a pretty easy place to get around. If you stay in the downtown area, most everything will be within walking distance and most of the hotels will have shuttles from the airport.

Check with your hotel for shuttles.

Taxi's are always located near the Pfister hotel should you require one. Next Act Theatre (brisk walking distance).

**Helpful hint - Check with other workshop participants to find out how they are getting around and carpool or share a fare.

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