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Frequently Asked Questions

Often we get many questions regarding classes, here are some of the most frequent questions we have received.

If you have a question that isn't answer here, please feel free to Contact Super Beth



What should I wear to class:
Wear something comfortable, that allows for freedom of movement. Coin or hip scarves, skirts, pantaloons or tights, and a choli top can be worn, but are not required.

Do I have to dance in bare feet:
No, students who wish to cover their feet are encouraged to wear ballet slippers or "toe thongs" which are small shoes covering the balls of the feet. Dancing in socks is not recommended on certain surfaces as the feet may slide.

How many times should I take Level 1 classes:
Customarily, most individuals take the Level 1 class two times before moving on to the next session. However, there is no limit and even the most experienced dancers can benefit from reviewing the basics.

How many Levels of the ATS® style are there:
There are three defined levels of ATS®. However, depending upon where and with whom you train, there can be multiple classes breaking down the style into varying classroom curriculum. There are over 70 basic movements to the style along with ways to embellish or combine movements to create a unique performance each and every time. In addition, there are multiple formations and specialty work such as the use of props, veil, and floor work which can be learned. If that wasn't enough to keep you interested, ATS® is a "living" art form with new movements and formations added to the repertoire continually.

How long will it take for me to learn:
Everyone learns at a different pace. However, most individuals who have consistent class attendance coupled with practice at home will have a good understanding of what's going on within a few months.

Where do I get Zils (finger cymbals), music, or costuming pieces:
Tamarind studio carries a limited number of quantities in stock. Otherwise, the best one stop shop is Fat Chance Belly Dance®.

What is a Hafla:
Hafla is another name for party. This is usually a time to get together and celebrate. Often haflas have dancing and offer performance opportunities in a supportive setting. If you aren't ready to perform, come to the hafla and have fun!

What is a Student Salon:
Salons are Student Showcases where you can learn about and enjoy performance in a supportive setting. If you aren't ready to perform, come to the Salon and watch, you can learn a lot from observing the show and applying what you've been learning in classes.

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